Friday, October 21, 2011

DiscoDevil-Edit #2

This track has some seriously amazing synth work by the late, great Patrick Cowley but the vocals were a bit too cheezy for me so I stripped them out and made an instrumental of it. Enjoy!

Loverde-Iko Iko

Disco Devil-edits!

I've been busy reworking a couple dance floor classics.

The first is from Billy Paul's Let em in LP from 1976.

Love Won't Come Easy

Lack of updates!

We've been crazy busy! We picked up a monthly at our favorite local club! Private Stock has moved to Clubhouse Jager on First Fridays! We're super excited! Hopefully the mixes will start flowing again once we wear the venue in a bit. Expect more of a party atmosphere. Lots of club classics, funk, disco, r&b and hip hop.

Facebook event